It all started way back when our founders, Gustaf and Jakob, who also happens to be best friends, attended their first wedding together. As much as they loved the scenery, they loved the idea of capturing that autenticity, laughter and love that occurs on a wedding day.


Weddfilm has a background of working together with some of the biggest brands in the world creating commercials and films, that has brought a different perspective and storytelling than the ordinary. We have a more powerful and effective workflow to create, capture and deliver memories.


Through the lens,

with love and passion.


"The only regret I have about our wedding is not having a videographer. The day goes by so quickly— you really miss so much of it. I look back now and wish I would have those memories captured."

So we put together some of the best cinematographer in Europe to help us capture your day the perfect way.

Give us a call or send us an email. We are looking forward to meet you all.